Feeling Stuck

It’s a cozy rainy day. The fire place was on, my rituals had been done, all my candles lit and the house was saged. The perfect ambiance for solitude and work. I began to meditate on the Soul Gathering I was giving in a couple days. This particular one was for a small private group. Before my Soul Gatherings I intuitively feel into the individuals and ask for guidance on what the group of individuals need to help them awaken and where the energies be directed for the individual or collective healing. Generally there is a theme of some sort in which I can create a teaching and a meditation around for that evening. Usually, this is not a difficult process for me. Except, this time.

Rewind back to January 2021, just a few months ago. Let’s just say there were very big shifts for me spiritually. I had been going through many downloads and upgrades. Energy was flowing. I could feel my expansion more and more to accommodate the healings for my clients and students. I felt completely in alignment and days before had a magical experience of energies that humbled me and dropped me to my knees in gratitude. So I was struggling with why I couldn’t tune into the energies of the group of individuals for this Soul Gathering. I felt stuck. I wasn’t sure how I could be feeling stuck. I had been flowing through my work so effortlessly and with all new perceptions and growth. I began to get restless the longer I tried. Ideas and information was coming but it was scattered. And I didn’t feel like it was for this particular group at this particular time. I took a break and made a cup of tea. I listened to some music and drank it. I wrestled with my pen and paper. Scribbles here, scribbles there. Nothing. “C’mon Lauren, I thought. “You don”t have to write the entire event just get the idea”. So I sit, begin to breathe and quiet my mind. I slowly bring my attention and energy back into the group and away form my thoughts. And then I hear, ” Maybe they are stuck too”. And there it was. That feeling in my heart that says, “Yes, it is so”. Oh, how divine! As if it wasn’t staring me right in the face this whole time. The theme is Feeling Stuck! So I picked up my pen and began this journal entry. What better way to start an energy flow then writing.

Rewind back several days ago, I mentioned I was going through an energetic shift in my body. At this particular time I was integrating those energies. With integration comes a pause, a rest period and sometimes it can leave us feeling stuck. As I write this I become aware and no longer feel stuck. The awareness I am reminded of, is in reality, we aren’t really stuck. It is our perception and only our perception that we are stuck. And when we perceive or picture something, it must be there. When we aren’t moving forward the way our ego wants us to be, we feel stuck. We can shift our perception of “being stuck” or having a block, as some would like to call it, and perceive it as it is. A positive place for transformation in your souls evolution and life’s path. Imagine this as a doorway that leads to a vast space. A space to explore and play and search for feelings, decisions, to integrate, to pause, to be, to heal. This space is recording all of your personal growth. BE in this space. Honor it. Listen to it. You know that saying “there is light at the end of the tunnel”? That is this space! The tunnel that we need to courageously walk down and explore along the way the nuggets of wisdom of our true selves as we get closer to the light. Feeling stuck isn’t a block in your journey. It is part of the Journey! It is necessary. The more we understand this, the more we can be in the space and experience the lessons necessary to flow again. Just embodying the idea of manifesting our blocks/feelings of being stuck as being a doorway will allow you to flow through your healing experiences with gentleness and ease and progress. You are exactly where you are supposed to be. And that PLACE is YOUR PERCEPTION of YOUR SPACE in time.

LOts of LOve,


You Are Worthy

The last couple of weeks the universe has brought so many feelings to to the surface for the collective. For some it hit hard and feels so strong. Much love and light sent to those at this time. Know that you are not alone on your journey and I hope to bring some light to you. I had started to notice a theme with my clients these last couple of weeks. There were some pretty powerful healings that took place. The theme was feelings / beliefs of unworthiness. The belief system that lies deep within some of us, may be at the surface for others and that some of us aren’t even aware is there; patiently waiting for us to peel the layers back and discover this false belief and heal. I knew it was no coincidence that I too had been working on these deep subconscious beliefs that I was unworthy for something in my life. To be honest I felt worthy in most areas in my life. I never battled feelings of unworthiness until I had to go deeper to fullfil my mission (purpose). My healing journey and my mission go hand in hand and are beautifully orchestarted for me. I learn, I embody, I teach, I heal others. As I work on myself and do the work my soul needs to help others, I grow and my vibration raises, my frequency changes and heart opens unconditionally for all.

So here I was ready to accept the next step in my ascension to fulfill my purpose and I feel blocked. I had already worked on so many layers of not feeling worthy of taking this big mission on, peeling them back, releasing them and feeling worthy of my power. I thought it couldn’t possibly be this again. WRONG. Mercury in retrograde brought this up for not only my clients but for me too. There is was, staring at me once again. It felt like it came out of the blue, or did it?

You see, the week before I was guided to bring my family and myself to the ancient energies of the Northern California Coast and the Redwoods. The only thing I knew was the energies within these ancient trees were going to help shift us for our highest good. We needed to be there. We spent four days hiking and forest bathing.  When I came back from my trip I had planned a healing session with one of my reiki students whom had asked for feedback. We dove right into my feelings of unworthiness to be who I came here to be.

And there she was. My four year old self with her wings spread out wide, sitting in the corner, head down to her knees. She looked sad. She felt unworthy of her wings. Why, I wasn’t sure at the time. But I did know, that if any aspect of my soul was feeling any unworthiness I couldn’t step into the next phase of my gifts and be who I came here to be. I healed my four year old self and allowed her to feel worthy.  I was breaking through yet another layer. I felt an overwhelming peace and freedom that day. That night I meditated on where these feelings of unworthiness could have come from. Spirit brought to my attention it was an old ancestral/religious belief sytem. And because the universe and Spirit orchestrate so beautifully my answer was revealed through a healing I was giving a client/student, who was also releasing feelings of unworthiness. The phrase, “Lord I am not worthy to receive you, but only say the world and I shall be healed” came into the session. This was the the ancestral/belief system that was inside of her and me… blocking me. Are you kidding me? I was believing and repeating in prayer to the same God/Spirit who is working through me and guiding me to help others, and guiding me into my gifts, that I wasn’t worthy to receive them?! I can’t begin to tell you how not in alignment this was with me. I was conditioned to this belief as a lot of us are, even though consiously and in my heart I felt worthy. Deep down at a cellular level there was this hidden belief. I spoke these word in church growing up before I received communion. Please keep in mind I respect all belief systems and I am not bashing the catholic church or trying to turn anyone away from it. I am simply sharing my experience. It was quite the AHA moment for myself and it got me fired up to share my story and to help other heal their unworthiness, no matter what they are feeling unworthy of. And it doesn’t matter if mine was from religious beliefs or your’s is from your childhood or adult experience and or maybe ancestral religious beliefs too, the feelings of unworthiness impact us all at some point in our lives. You were created by love with love for love. Love knows no unworthiness. It has no conditions! This belief that you are not worthy is false! Unworthiness blocks us from being who we came here to be! It blocks us from amazing opportunity to grow, to learn to heal, to achieve whatever it is that we want.  YOU ARE WORTHY! YOU ARE WORTHY! YOU ARE WORTHY! You always have been. We all were born worthy. We were also born as warriors to battle against this unworthiness and be in our truth. To be in our hearts the way were were intended to be. With UNCONDITIONAL LOVE for ourseles and others. I hope that by reading this it allows you permission to heal any unworthiness you are feeling, no matter how deep the layers or how big the block is, or how many areas of your life it comes into play.

LOts of LOve,


Discovering your Truth

When someone decides to step foot on their spiritual path, it is this condition that they are searching for. Though each spiritual condition is a long and windy road, they lead us to these mini destinations and aha moments where the unfoldings of out truth occurs. As we walk further on our spiritual path, discovering and healing the soul, we are taken to another level in our spiritual development. Embodying the truth of who you are is the first step and is the phase that most people are exploring. So how does one embody and discover their truth?

Bring in a little more self love and allow yourself to identify with the love you were made with and made of. Self love is needed to begin the unfoldings of the journey of self discovery. You can’t discover the true essence of who you are unless you love yourself enough to do so. You are worthy. Your purpose was given to you because you are worthy. Embodying this is the first step. Believe in your heart that you can discover your essence. You don’t need to leave your life to discover self. In fact your life and all your experiences are part of your divine plan to help you on your journey. Take these experiences with love and gratitide for getting you to exactly where you are right now. Love yourself because you got through them. You are stronger for them.

Embodying our truth takes time. It’s a beautiful long road with ups and downs and transformation within the heart.  When we embody our truth we begin to activate the first layer of spiritual DNA within us. When this layer is activated within us we are driven to our purpose. We drop into our hearts with alignment and love for our journey. We open ourselves to experiences that take us to deeper level, a higher conciousness.

Our Spiritual DNA mirrors our souls akashic records and information. Because its made of energy we have the ability to transform and transmute unwanted and no longer needed belief systems or truths for a healthier life. Deep within your DNA is your truth and the rest of the layers takes you to your pure essence. As we heal those layers we openly unfold our own miracles to this world. We understand our life in relation to the rest of the world and our connection to GOD/Source.

LOts of LOve


Power of the Heart




With mercury in retrograde it’s brought so much to the surface for healing.  I’ve had so many messages from clients and friends asking for help and guidance. I’ve been a busy girl!  And with summer and my boys out of school, I haven’t had much time to write. But today while meditating, I realized I had to share this beautiful reminder for those who are  going through periods of emotional chaos. The universe is bringing up experiences we thought we already healed or we pushed away for a later time, like now. Funny how it does that sometimes. Well, not funny actually. Not when it’s painful, frustrating, hurtful, or sad. All emotions that are code for healing needs to take place. Growth needs to happen. We need to honor all of these feelings and begin to heal. We cannot stay stuck in chaos any longer.  So, the question is,  Where do you start? 

You start with your heart. Connect with your heart and be honest about what is showing up for you. Your heart is your your light, and there lies all the answers. There lies the souls connection, their lies your POWER.  Your will-power, your drive, confidence, may come from the chakra in your solar plexus but your REAL POWER comes from your HEART. When you connect with your hearts energy you increase your hearts power. We have to learn to trust the power we all have in our hearts. In order to be a powerful light being we have to embody our power and believe with all our faith its ours to use to brighten the world and for our own self healing, discovery and growth. So what is this power in our hearts?

Its CHOICE. We can choose to have faith that there is a force much bigger than we are. We can choose there is a divine plan for us. We can choose positive over negative. We can choose how we respond. We can choose how we show up in life. We can choose our beliefs. We can choose our battles. We can choose LOVE. We can choose to change. We can choose to step foot on our spiritual path. Our power comes from choices and our choices come from our beliefs. Beliefs about one’s self, and beliefs about the world.

It’s FAITH. It’s choosing faith. It’s having faith that you are exactly where you need to be and doing exactly what you should be doing. It’s having faith that you can make different choices, you can heal, and you can change. We are more powerful than we give ourselves credit. When we embody that power and when we understand it, we experience our hearts power and transform into the vibration of Love we all came here to be.  I say this from experience. Over the last few years I’ve embodied and still am embodying my hearts power and I have had the pleasure of witnessing some pretty radical healing. I am grateful for stepping into my power and guiding my clients and students to do the same. once you understand the power you were born with you can use it to heal yourself, and better your life. Take a look at your choices, among them, choose patience. Take a look at your faith and increase it! Watch what happens.  😉

LOts of LOve,


My Son’s Journey

In the summer heading into 6th grade, my eleven year old son was complaining off and on of stomach aches. He was a healthy active boy living in a very holistic home. As a Holistic Nutritionist, Mind Body Coach, Yoga & Meditation Teacher, I used the protocols I do with my clients.  We tried food elimination because I thought maybe he had another food allergy and started healing his gut ( Out of the blue, he became sensitive to lactose and gluten). With everything I did, I couldn’t pin point what would be causing his discomfort. It didn’t affect his sleep, his eating habits or digestive function. All were normal. Emotionally he was stable, had a great social life, loved playing soccer, did very well in school, independent and responsible. He had no pressure on him to perform at a certain level. And no stressors in his life. But, as time went on, no matter what I tried, the stomach aches didn’t subside but now came daily. He described it as a dull ache but not bothersome enough to keep him from his daily activities. He wasn’t an anxious kid but my heart told me that this needed to be healed quickly or we are heading down a rocky road. I could see this easily turning into anxiety in the future. He was getting frustrated with these stomach aches and anxious at times when he was going out with friends because he didn’t want to get a stomach ache and let it take away from his fun. According to him he always got them around others and not at home. Home is where he feels his best.

He was always a sweet sensitive soul.  He would often ask, “Mom, what is my body trying to tell me”? At the time I wasn’t sure, but I was determined to heal my son. I introduced my boys to meditation around this time and used my studies abroad to guide them through nightly meditations. All of my boys are now loving this and doing it daily. After after about 4 months of doing meditations ( while healing the gut with food), his stomach aches became less frequent. He also was no longer sensitive to gluten. I knew I was on to something!  My intuition told me my son was not dealing with any real food allergies, anxiety, or any other physical health issues.

Then one day after, my own daily meditation, it hit me. He is empathic. How could I  have looked passed this?  He has always been so so sensitive.  He was taking in other people’s energy and it was stuck in his solar plexus (stomach). We soon discovered he was indeed picking up on energy around him and physically taking it in. Being an Empath means that he has the ability to feel a person’s energy. He can physically feel your sadness, your joy, your anxiety, frustrations, everything. Unfortunately, that means he can take in negative energy. What he wasn’t able to do was filter the energy he received from the world. We discovered during my guided meditations with him he was able to move negative energy through him which is why the stomach aches subsided a bit.  That’s when I realized his recent food allergies were not real food allergies! When we have trouble filtering the world we get in our heads. we start over thinking, analyzing etc. When we do this, blood flow goes toward the brain and very little to the stomach. So, because of lack of blood flow to the stomach, we can have trouble digesting certain foods like dairy (lactose) and gluten.  I immediately began healing to help him filter the world and feel a bit more grounded.

I’ve always been one to put as many tools in my box as possible, especially when it comes to my children, so I took my son to see a fellow spiritual healer of mine who since then has become my spiritual mentor. Words cannot describe the beauty that took place that day. I discovered my son was not only empathic like I knew but much more gifted. I sat next to my son as he opened himself up to her sharing stories and experiences. Some I knew about but lots, I didn’t.  His clairvoyance was amazing. I saw a blossoming spiritual side to his empathetic, amazing little soul. The gifts that he had when it came to feeling others and the gifts to do things that most people can’t do were unbelievable. I won’t get into detail about the conversation as that is our experience. I was in awe that he was so open and connected to his gifts already. He didn’t realize his gifts because he thought they were normal. His self-awareness is beautiful. Most adults I know aren’t this aware. This conversation and experience was deep and I kept repeating in my head, Wow, he totally gets it!” He left her studio much clearer due to her energy clearing,  happy and feeling much more confident in healing his stomach aches.

Concerned about how all this digested with him, I asked him what he thought of his conversation on the drive home. His reply, ” Basically I have super powers and we have some work to do”. I can’t begin to describe the beauty of our experience. It was profound. Breathtaking. It took everything I had not to cry and get him to soccer practice.

After just one month of energetic and spiritual healing done completely by himself, ( I guided some mediation) his stomach aches were gone, his food allergies were gone and he is much more grounded. Not to mention much more spiritually open and awake to his gifts that continue to grow! Being an empath is not easy but with the right tools you can feel the peace you are meant to feel and protect yourself. He does have moments where he cant help but feel someone elses story and it makes him uncomfortable. 90 percent of the time he can move this through him, but sometimes he has trouble and I need to help him. We have an amazing mentor he can visit when new experiences arise and when he needs guidance. He amazes me daily. He still continues to do his rituals, clear his energy field and meditate to keep from any physical symptoms. What amazes me most about my son is that he was at peace and fully understood at 12 years old, he is an empath, with special gifts and that he has a purpose in this world. He has embraced that we are spiritual beings in a physical body and although it takes some work, when we drop into the present we can heal anything. He is here like all empaths, to bring his positive loving energy to help make the world a better place. My son’s story is very personal to us and we never thought about sharing it to protect him. A lot of people wouldn’t understand and at this age friends could tease and word can spread. It really didn’t make any sense to share it. We spoke about sharing it some day to help others but not anyway in the near future. So why am I now?

He asked me to.  He approached me recently and said, “Mom I think its time to share our story. My heart tells me it can help other people like me.  Its time.” He is a little nervous this may get to some younger kids who don’t understand, so we set strong intentions for this story to reach those who need it. He’s a brave soul isn’t he?

I’ve been on a beautiful spiritual journey for the past 20 years now and it seemed back  It was when my first son, the one I speak of, was born that I felt an even bigger shift in my spirituality. And now, many years later in the studio of our spiritual mentor I realized on a deep soul level that he chose me. My son with everything he was experiencing was so calm, no fear, no confusion, just physical discomfort from everyone’s energy. There is no coincidence of my spiritual shift with him. I was meant to be his Mother. Everything I had practiced, studied, believed in, learned, experienced had prepared me for this day. To keep my children awake and open, to keep myself awake and open and aware to the beauty of our souls and our purpose and how we are collectively here to help humanity.

What if wasn’t spiritually aligned ? What if I was that parent who isn’t aware of the spiritual self and ran to the doctor requesting tests, only to discover they can’t find the solution to his stomach aches.  My professional guess ( and what I see in my studio frequently) would be they diagnose him with anxiety and prescribe some medication. He would be forever stuck believing he was an anxious person who needed medication to help him.  Another teenager to add to the increasing and alarming rate of anxiety patients. And long-term use of the medication has its own side effects. His Gifts? What gifts? He’d close up and they would lessen over time.. This is why we are sharing his story now. Maybe this is similar to your story or someone you know.

On our drive home that breath-taking day, thoughts of how many other children and adults are in the same boat? How many are empaths or even energetically sensitive and don’t even know it? How much of the depression, the anxiety and other symptoms are not even theirs to begin with? I’m not saying that all who struggle with health symptoms are empaths or even energetically sensitive. I couldn’t get it out of my mind. And my fired-up little self was once again guided to not only help my son and his brothers,( who at this current time have discovered they are just like him) but others. My son’s experience catapulted me into an amazing spiritual healing journey so I can help others like him. He brought me into my gifts even further helping me discover my deeper truth.

Years later, I am now a Spiritual Teacher helping others in the spiritual and energetic body on a deeper level than I currently was. I now sit with parents and their children helping them the same way my son and I sat with My spiritual mentor. Its been amazing and I continue to grow as a teacher, learning everyday and trusting my heart as always.  Thank you Universe. Thank you God. Thank you Son.

A Year In A Glance

2018 was quite eventful for these boys. Filled with faith, wonder and love, the growth the transformations and all the life lessons learned this year were what life’s all about. They each had their own unique journey and embraced it in their own way. I am so proud of the three of them and the amazing year they have had. Through the spectrum of emotions, the laughter, the difficult times, the love, the craziness, the button pushing, the new stages they each go through, they make it all worth while.

Nick, the Leader of the pack, is rockin the 8th grade, despite his aprehension about the STEM academy the beginning of the year, and will be graduating this June. I can’t believe he will be going to High School! Where does the time go? He’s loving his new soccer team this year and Lacrosse is added to his schedule come January. I thought I got lucky because he hadn’t mentioned girls……….. until recently. OMG girls. I’ll admit, I’m so not ready for that.  Wether its school, sports, girls, watching his brothers, this kid can juggle it! But we are most proud of the spiritual journey he’s had in trusting in himself, embracing his gifts, accepting that his intentions and heart are stronger than anything and understanding there is a divine plan for him. Not bad for a 13 1/2 year old. Now if I can just get him to clean his room. 🙂

Logan, oh sweet Logan. This has been the biggest year for him. His spiritual self shifted greatly and although he has quite a bit of journeying ahead of him still,  he’s open, receptive and trusting in himself and embracing his own gifts. He’s also had a growth spurt with soccer and has been getting great feedback from his coaches. If you ask Logan what life’s about, he’ll say,” Family and soccer”. LOL. He’s happiest when he on the pitch and watching him play is so fun. He is also doing great in school and really matured this last year. I can’t believe he goes to middle school next year! Just yesterday I was homeschooling him. He is the biggest jokester of the boys and continues to make us laugh. He keeps us on our toes thats for sure. His 11th year has been heart warming to witness.

Then there’s my baby, Cole. My little old man. I think every conversation he teaches us something new. He continue’s to love learning and anything computer or coding related and still has his head in a book ;). He’s still creative as ever constanly making things for his room. His latest addition is a green screen. He finally found his nitch, I think. He’s been getting music lessons from Papa and is having fun playing the ukulele. He started Karate and is loving it! he’s always been a little ninja so this is a perfect fit for him. He just got his Camo belt and can now defend himself against his older brothers. LOL. School has always come easy for Cole so its all about friends and playing. The way it should be. He moves onto the 6th grade next year. Wow, just wow. We will have 3 kids in three different schools.  This will be interesting.

With the boys activities, work and school I still say, ” If I had a nickel for everytime I pulled in and out of the driveway, I’d be a very rich women”. 🙂 But, its all worth it, right? Another year of three crazy loving boys and I wouldn’t change it for the world. They are growing like weeds, and eating like crazy. I really should have bought stock in Costco with as much money as I spend there! When I asked the boys to sum up their year in a phrase, they simultaneously said, “FORTNITE FRIDAYS!” Yup, they’re nuts!

The Power of Intention

abstract art awareness branches

Just a few days ago I had a Soul Gathering at my studio and the topic I chose to speak about was the power of Intention. My Soul Gatherings are a group of people who come together to heal, spiritualy awaken, learn, grow, connect, and together raise the vibrations amongst each other for healing to take place. I guide them through a meditation, discuss a topic and perform a group healing. It really is a beautiful experience. There is a tremendous amount of power behind intentions.  Especially if you know how to raise the vibration within yourself to manifest your desires. When we become more mindful that there is intention with everything we do, we have the power to make positive changes in our lives.  There is so much to write about the specifics of this topic which is why I had the Soul Gathering, so I’ll give you the quick version .

Imagine intention as not something that you DO, but a force that exists in the universe as an invisible form of energy. Intentions are goals mixed with passion blended with desire and ENERGY! So, when you set intentions you are insuring your desires to become reality. Sounds simple right? So why is it so complicated for some and not so complicated for others? I believe that the POWER behind our intentions has a lot to do with it. There is much more to intention than just words. Vibes speak much louder than words! What is the life force behind the intention like? How do we amplify these intentions and make them more powerful to manifest our dreams and desires? The answer…We CONNECT with our intentions.

You’re probably wondering how you connect with your intentions?  Here is some key principles in increasing the power of your intentions so that manifestation can make an increased presence in your life. I personally use these principles to increase the personal vibration in myself which in turn increases the power of my intentions. I have manifested multiple blessing in my life.  They work!

VISUALIZE your intention. invite the visualizations into your energy field. See yourself doing exactly what it is you want to do. Close your eyes and see what images come to you. And don’t do this one time. Make it an ongoing practice until you receive whatever you are desiring or manifesting. This raises your own vibration :). This one is usually easy for most people.

REFLECT what comes into your life without judgment or opinions of others. Be like a mirror. The power and energy behind intention accepts you exactly as you are without judgment or attachment, so do the same for yourself. Letting go of judgment and opinion of others can be difficult for most. This one may take some time, but not allowing others to lower your vibration will impact your intention greatly. These are your goals, your dreams, not theirs. This does not impact their life in any way.

SEE THE BEAUTY in everything! Science has told us time and time again that when we see beauty it creates a positive physiological response in our brain/body. Being out in the beauty of Nature we feel connected and at peace. Notice the beauty in nature, in people, in the world. Notice something beautiful in every person you meet. every place you go, and experience you have. Accept kindness, love and beauty to be in your life and the vibration within you will rise.

MEDITATE ON APPRECIATION- Appreciate the life force inside of you. You are a spiritual being in a physical body and your soul could be having a non human experience . You are having the BEST experience as a spiritual being by being in a human body! Appreciate the air you are breathing, your heart beating, the energy inside you that allows you to sleep, eat, meditate, dream, create, etc. Appreciating the life force within your own body is the key to increasing the power of intentions. The wisdom of your soul will take over and respond to this, and you will subconsciously start taking the appropriate steps to manifest what you desire.

REMOVE DOUBT – Another hard one. Toss it, crush it, throw it away! Get it out of your mindset. Doubt is the most common reason our intentions don’t manifest. Doubt lowers your vibration and tells the universe and self, your intention can’t happen or should hold off from happening. When doubt is gone, life flourishes. We all use our thoughts to create the life we choose. But, if you doubt your ability to create the life you intend, you are REFUSING the power of intention. This include fear of failure in your intention.

LETTING GO OF EGO – Stop being offended by others and caring what they think. This is your ego telling you the world shouldn’t be the way it is. When we give into this nonsense we can become unappreciative of life. We cannot reach the power of intention by being offended or caring about what others think.  This is the hardest lesson to learn in life. Many people spend years stripping away ego to find inner peace. Think about what intentions you may have created that have not manifested, and ask yourself, was ego involved? Often times this is the case. Doubt, fear, judgments, all come from ego. Think about the foundation of your intention. Does it come from a place of love?

RAISING YOUR VIBRATION – Be specific in your intentions. Be creative! If I told you about the most creative experiences I’ve manifested you would be shocked. At the time of my intention settings, some people would look at me like I’m crazy. I’ve heard, “Ya Lauren, in a perfect world, good luck with that”. My response was alway, “I create my world”.  I have received an abundance from the universe with the power intentions bring, and I have  tremendous respect for this beautiful world. Have fun setting intentions! Come from the heart. Write your intentions down. Written affirmations have an energy all of its own and will guide you in raising your own vibrations. Again, visualize them, think of them often, say them out loud.

We must CONNECT with our intentions because you cannot access and work with the power of intention if you are of low vibration or if you are contemplating the impossibility of being able to intend and manifest. So I invite you to meditate on your next intention, try the above principles and manifest your desires. What you put out into the universe comes back to you.  So the more powerful that energy is, the faster and higher probability of acheiving your goals.

LOts of LOve,



photo of woman wearing white dress
Photo by Ika Kenes on Pexels.com

The other day I was having a conversation with a friend. Her confidence in herself was  low and she came to me asking how to create more confidence inside her. I took a deep breath and thought for a moment, tapped into my heart and said, “Surrender”.  I wish I could pull it out of my pocket and hand it to her, but that’s not possible. And that would take away from the experience of her spiritual awakening that I believe she is having. Surrendering is an experience we all must go through to learn the lessons and freedom it brings. It must be embodied. Confidence comes from within your soul.

Society looks for confidence in personal appearance, job status, material things and beauty.  So many people get stuck trying to gain confidence by working on the physical self.  It goes much deeper than that. There is underlying fear and expectations when it comes to lack of confidence. Fear of letting yourself down, fear of letting others down, or even fear of others judging you.  When we surrender to letting go of the fear and expectations, that everything must go as planned, we embody confidence. When we gain confidence spiritually,  we are free to be more open and explore our experience on a completely different level.

So how do we embody confidence? We surrender. We let go of the judgments, the opinions of others, or even self, instead of embodying these false beliefs and allowing them to become our truth. We let go of anything that doesn’t raise our vibration and serve us. This is the real untouched you. Born with confidence and love for self and others, that got tangled up in the false beliefs and false truths about who you are and what you are supposed to be and how you are to contribute to this world. When you surrender you heart opens and you begin to receive self love, freedom and the real truth. The real you underneath the fears and expectations. The intention and energy behind surrender accomplishes much more than trying to control any situation.  Confidence can help open yourself to your gifts and continue to follow your lighted path. So, stop fighting with yourself, let go of control and expectations and allow the universe and self-love to flow through you naturally. Surrendering is undeniably a beautiful freedom one can carry through their life!

LOts of LOve,



A Shift in My Spiritual Paradigm

I”ve been on quite the spiritual journey the last 18-20 years or so but it wasn’t until the birth of my first-born that I felt a huge shift in my spirituality. To be honest it kind of woke me up :). I innately turned to my self for guidance and followed my heart my whole life, and it’s usually worked out for me.  If it didn’t, I understood that the universe has a plan and funny way of turning some of life’s surprises into gifts. My intuition was pretty good.  But I found myself dropping into a space ( my soul) even deeper after I became a mom. My intuition really heightened. Following my soul, my heart, I was able to heal my children at times where no one else could. I was able to create my spiritual life path for myself and one where I can guide my children.  I started studying everything that fascinated me. Nutrition, Food, Holistic Health, Spirituality, Energy, Psychology. Book after Book I read, absorbing everything that connected with me, like a sponge. Whatever fed my soul. I knew all this was a part of my purpose on this planet to help people heal and I surrendered to my soul taking me on whatever journey I needed to go. Timing is everything.  I manifested many experiences I’ve had, grateful to God and the Universe for always having my back. But I always felt the “pull”( as I like to call it) of my soul telling me there is more work to be done. As I connected to my self deeper, throughout the years, I learned that I have some special gifts. Funny, because my whole life I never really thought of having any gifts or talents. I come from a family filled with amazing talents in the arts and somehow it skipped me. I was just me. And I was happy with that.

No wonder my soul was getting my attention. These gifts, although not newly discovered, but newly recognized as actual gifts, help me connect with people on a soul level to help them heal. But it wasn’t until a beautiful experience over two years ago that I found out I could take these gifts to a whole new level. And there is was. The “pull”, the tug of my soul calling me in yet again. Yep, I reckon I’ll be doing this for the rest of my days. I was guided to my spiritual mentor and teacher who has helped me cross over to a new spiritual paradigm and to soon teach others. I am forever grateful to her and her teachings.

Although I have always been my authentic self, I found myself through the years tip toeing around the spiritual self with my clients. I’ve always spoke about Spiritual self  and one’s soul purpose but not a deeply as I would like, for fear of them not connecting or ready for what I was about to tell them. And moving on to someone else.  But in order for me to fully be in my authentic self when with my clients, I must heal in all the ways I know how. I’ve never been one to mind what people think of me but when it comes to business I have expenses to pay. And not everyone is ready for this spiritual shift. I was conflicted. My soul screamed on thing but my brain said another. My spiritual teacher reminded me that my gifts are part of my purpose and I cannot completely fill it if I’m holding back. So, vulnerable and trusting in the universe and God to guide me, I took the leap. And its been a beautiful journey with my clients. I am a healer. Ah, there I said it. And it feels pretty good to get it out :). Once again following my heart, wins! I am embracing this heightened spiritual paradigm I’m experiencing, and so is my family. I am forever greatful I kept myself and my three light workers awake spiritually because it all took me where I am today and where I will be tomorrow.  It gave me the tools to pass on to my boys so they can beter manage their life’s experience.

Are you struggling with areas in your life where you may feel disconnected from self? Maybe listening to the voices in your head and not the voice of your heart? Try tapping into self through meditation, a solo walk, alone time, etc and see if you can listen to the messages of your heart. And if you need a little help, I’m here to guide you.

LOts of LOve,


Back to the Earth

With so much nutritional information, all the different kinds of diets, what foods are best to eat, which foods to eliminate, it can be quite overwhelming for someone on their journey to health and weight loss. Especially because the data is constantly changing. It can be pretty arrogant to say, “this diet is the best, or this is the correct way to eat.” We are all individuals that require  different nutrients and foods.

By now most of us have received the message that food is medicine.  We know we can heal ourselves or allieviate many symptoms and diseases through a healthier diet and lifestyle. But we can easily get overwhelmed with all this information. So many facts to keep up with. As my mentor and teacher, Marc David once said, ” So many of us are suffering from a High Fact Diet.  Although facts are important, like anything else in life, too much is too much”.  And quite frankly, I see it often.  Do all the nutrition facts effect the way you eat?

If we just keep it simple and go back to Mother Nature we can get the answers we are looking for. I love that we can look to Earth to give our bodies whats necessary for optimum health. It’s like the saying goes, “Sometimes we don’t see whats right in front of us.” Our answer to the growing health issues we face have been here all along. However you believe we evolved on Earth, why would we not have what’s needed to survive?

The Earth has provided us with water and all the food and plants necessary to be healthy. As time went on, man’s ego got in the way. Greed overcame us. We started spraying toxic chemicals on our soil, and soon after, genetically modifying our food and putting toxic additives in just about everything.

When we disrespect the earth, we disrespect our bodies. No wonder our body speeks to us through symptom! If your trying to improve your health through diet, try going back to our roots where food was pure and nourishing. Experiment with it. See how you feel when you eliminate the unnatural from your food.

LOts of LOve