A Year In A Glance

2018 was quite eventful for these boys. Filled with faith, wonder and love, the growth the transformations and all the life lessons learned this year were what life’s all about. They each had their own unique journey and embraced it in their own way. I am so proud of the three of them and the amazing year they have had. Through the spectrum of emotions, the laughter, the difficult times, the love, the craziness, the button pushing, the new stages they each go through, they make it all worth while.

Nick, the Leader of the pack, is rockin the 8th grade, despite his aprehension about the STEM academy the beginning of the year, and will be graduating this June. I can’t believe he will be going to High School! Where does the time go? He’s loving his new soccer team this year and Lacrosse is added to his schedule come January. I thought I got lucky because he hadn’t mentioned girls……….. until recently. OMG girls. I’ll admit, I’m so not ready for that. ¬†Wether its school, sports, girls, watching his brothers, this kid can juggle it! But we are most proud of the spiritual journey he’s had in trusting in himself, embracing his gifts, accepting that his intentions and heart are stronger than anything and understanding there is a divine plan for him. Not bad for a 13 1/2 year old. Now if I can just get him to clean his room. ūüôā

Logan, oh sweet Logan. This has been the biggest year for him. His spiritual self shifted greatly and although he has quite a bit of journeying ahead of him still, ¬†he’s open, receptive and trusting in himself and embracing his own gifts. He’s also had a growth spurt with soccer and has been getting great feedback from his coaches. If you ask Logan what life’s about, he’ll say,” Family and soccer”. LOL. He’s happiest when he on the pitch and watching him play is so fun. He is also doing great in school and really matured this last year. I can’t believe he goes to middle school next year! Just yesterday I was homeschooling him. He is the biggest jokester of the boys and continues to make us laugh. He keeps us on our toes thats for sure. His 11th year has been heart warming to witness.

Then there’s my baby, Cole. My little old man. I think every conversation he teaches us something new. He continue’s to love learning and anything computer or coding related and still has his head in a book ;). He’s still creative as ever constanly making things for his room. His latest addition is a green screen. He finally found his nitch, I think. He’s been getting music lessons from Papa and is having fun playing the ukulele. He started Karate and is loving it! he’s always been a little ninja so this is a perfect fit for him. He just got his Camo belt and can now defend himself against his older brothers. LOL. School has always come easy for Cole so its all about friends and playing. The way it should be. He moves onto the 6th grade next year. Wow, just wow. We will have 3 kids in three different schools. ¬†This will be interesting.

With the boys activities, work and school I still say, ” If I had a nickel for everytime I pulled in and out of the driveway, I’d be a very rich women”. ūüôā But, its all worth it, right? Another year of three crazy loving boys and I wouldn’t change it for the world. They are growing like weeds, and eating like crazy. I really should have bought stock in Costco with as much money as I spend there! When I asked the boys to sum up their year in a phrase, they simultaneously said, “FORTNITE FRIDAYS!” Yup, they’re nuts!


The Power of Intention

abstract art awareness branches

Just a few days ago I had a Soul Gathering at my studio and the topic I chose to speak about was the power of Intention. My Soul Gatherings are a group of people who come together to heal, spiritualy awaken, learn, grow, connect, and together raise the vibrations amongst each other for healing to take place. I guide them through a meditation, discuss a topic and perform a group healing. It really is a beautiful experience. There is a tremendous amount of power behind intentions. ¬†Especially if you know how to raise the vibration within yourself to manifest your desires. When we become more mindful that there is intention with¬†everything we do, we have the power to make positive changes in our lives. ¬†There is so much to write about the specifics of this topic which is why I had the Soul Gathering, so I’ll give you the quick version .

Imagine intention as not something that you DO, but a force that exists in the universe as an invisible form of energy. Intentions are goals mixed with passion blended with desire and ENERGY! So, when you set intentions you are insuring your desires to become reality. Sounds simple right? So why is it so complicated for some and not so complicated for others? I believe that the POWER behind our intentions has a lot to do with it. There is much more to intention than just words. Vibes speak much louder than words! What¬†is the life force behind the intention like? How do we amplify these intentions and make them more powerful to manifest our dreams and desires? The answer…We CONNECT with our intentions.

You’re probably wondering how you connect with your intentions? ¬†Here is some key principles in increasing the power of your intentions so that manifestation can make an increased presence in your life. I personally use these principles to increase the personal vibration in myself which in turn increases the power of my intentions. I have manifested multiple blessing in my life. ¬†They work!

VISUALIZE¬†your intention. invite the visualizations into your energy field. See yourself doing exactly what it is you want to do. Close your eyes and see what images come to you. And don’t do this one time. Make it an ongoing practice until you receive whatever you are desiring or manifesting. This raises your own vibration :). This one is usually easy for most people.

REFLECT what comes into your life without judgment or opinions of others. Be like a mirror. The power and energy behind intention accepts you exactly as you are without judgment or attachment, so do the same for yourself. Letting go of judgment and opinion of others can be difficult for most. This one may take some time, but not allowing others to lower your vibration will impact your intention greatly. These are your goals, your dreams, not theirs. This does not impact their life in any way.

SEE THE BEAUTY in everything! Science has told us time and time again that when we see beauty it creates a positive physiological response in our brain/body. Being out in the beauty of Nature we feel connected and at peace. Notice the beauty in nature, in people, in the world. Notice something beautiful in every person you meet. every place you go, and experience you have. Accept kindness, love and beauty to be in your life and the vibration within you will rise.

MEDITATE ON APPRECIATION- Appreciate the life force inside of you. You are a spiritual being in a physical body and your soul could be having a non human experience . You are having the BEST experience as a spiritual being by being in a human body! Appreciate the air you are breathing, your heart beating, the energy inside you that allows you to sleep, eat, meditate, dream, create, etc. Appreciating the life force within your own body is the key to increasing the power of intentions. The wisdom of your soul will take over and respond to this, and you will subconsciously start taking the appropriate steps to manifest what you desire.

REMOVE DOUBT –¬†Another hard one. Toss it, crush it, throw it away! Get it out of your mindset. Doubt is the most common reason our intentions don’t manifest. Doubt lowers your vibration and tells the universe and self, your intention can’t happen or should hold off from happening. When doubt is gone, life flourishes. We all use our thoughts to create the life we choose. But, if you doubt your ability to create the life you intend, you are REFUSING the power of intention. This include fear of failure in your intention.

LETTING GO OF EGO¬†–¬†Stop being offended by others and caring what they think. This is your ego telling you the world shouldn’t be the way it is. When we give into this nonsense we can become unappreciative of life. We cannot reach the power of intention by being offended or caring about what others think. ¬†This is the hardest lesson to learn in life. Many people spend years stripping away ego to find inner peace. Think about what intentions you may have created that have not manifested, and ask yourself, was ego involved? Often times this is the case. Doubt, fear, judgments, all come from ego. Think about the foundation of your intention. Does it come from a place of love?

RAISING YOUR VIBRATION –¬†Be specific in your intentions. Be creative! If I told you about the most creative experiences I’ve manifested you would be shocked. At the time of my intention settings, some people would look at me like I’m crazy. I’ve heard, “Ya Lauren, in a perfect world, good luck with that”. My response was alway, “I create my world”. ¬†I have received an abundance from the universe with the power intentions bring, and I have ¬†tremendous respect for this beautiful world. Have fun setting intentions!¬†Come from the heart. Write your intentions down. Written affirmations have an energy all of its own and will guide you in raising your own vibrations. Again, visualize them, think of them often, say them out loud.

We must CONNECT with our intentions because you cannot access and work with the power of intention if you are of low vibration or if you are contemplating the impossibility of being able to intend and manifest. So I invite you to meditate on your next intention, try the above principles and manifest your desires. What you put out into the universe comes back to you.  So the more powerful that energy is, the faster and higher probability of acheiving your goals.

LOts of LOve,



photo of woman wearing white dress

Photo by Ika Kenes on Pexels.com

The other day I was having a conversation with a friend. Her confidence in herself was ¬†low and she came to me asking how to create more confidence inside her. I took a deep breath and thought for a moment, tapped into my heart and said, “Surrender”. ¬†I wish I could pull it out of my pocket and hand it to her, but that’s not possible. And that would take away from the experience of her spiritual awakening that I believe she is having. Surrendering is an experience we all must go through to learn the lessons and freedom it brings. It must be embodied. Confidence comes from within your soul.

Society looks for confidence in personal appearance, job status, material things and beauty.  So many people get stuck trying to gain confidence by working on the physical self.  It goes much deeper than that. There is underlying fear and expectations when it comes to lack of confidence. Fear of letting yourself down, fear of letting others down, or even fear of others judging you.  When we surrender to letting go of the fear and expectations, that everything must go as planned, we embody confidence. When we gain confidence spiritually,  we are free to be more open and explore our experience on a completely different level.

So how do we embody confidence? We surrender. We let go of the judgments, the opinions of others, or even self, instead of embodying these false beliefs and allowing them to become our truth. We let go of anything that doesn’t raise our vibration and serve us. This is the real untouched you. Born with confidence and love for self and others, that got tangled up in the false beliefs and false truths about who you are and what you are supposed to be and how you are to contribute to this world. When you surrender you heart opens and you begin to receive self love, freedom and the real truth. The real you underneath the fears and expectations. The intention and energy behind surrender accomplishes much more than trying to control any situation. ¬†Confidence can help open yourself to your gifts and continue to follow your lighted path. So, stop fighting with yourself, let go of control and expectations and allow the universe and self-love to flow through you naturally. Surrendering is undeniably a beautiful freedom one can carry through their life!

LOts of LOve,



A Shift in My Spiritual Paradigm

I”ve been on quite the spiritual journey the last 18-20 years or so but it wasn’t until the birth of my first-born that I felt a huge shift in my spirituality. To be honest it kind of woke me up :). I innately turned to my self for guidance and followed my heart my whole life, and it’s usually worked out for me.  If it didn’t, I understood that the universe has a plan and funny way of turning some of life’s surprises into gifts. My intuition was pretty good.  But I found myself dropping into a space ( my soul) even deeper after I became a mom. My intuition really heightened. Following my soul, my heart, I was able to heal my children at times where no one else could. I was able to create my spiritual life path for myself and one where I can guide my children.  I started studying everything that fascinated me. Nutrition, Food, Holistic Health, Spirituality, Energy, Psychology. Book after Book I read, absorbing everything that connected with me, like a sponge. Whatever fed my soul. I knew all this was a part of my purpose on this planet to help people heal and I surrendered to my soul taking me on whatever journey I needed to go. Timing is everything.  I manifested many experiences I’ve had, grateful to God and the Universe for always having my back. But I always felt the “pull”( as I like to call it) of my soul telling me there is more work to be done. As I connected to my self deeper, throughout the years, I learned that I have some special gifts. Funny, because my whole life I never really thought of having any gifts or talents. I come from a family filled with amazing talents in the arts and somehow it skipped me. I was just me. And I was happy with that.

No wonder my soul was getting my attention. These gifts, although not newly discovered, but newly recognized as actual gifts, help me connect with people on a soul level to help them heal. But it wasn’t until a beautiful experience over two years ago that I found out I could take these gifts to a whole new level. And there is was. The “pull”, the tug of my soul calling me in yet again. Yep, I reckon I’ll be doing this for the rest of my days. I was guided to my spiritual mentor and teacher who has helped me cross over to a new spiritual paradigm and to soon teach others. I am forever grateful to her and her teachings.

Although I have always been my authentic self, I found myself through the years tip toeing around the spiritual self with my clients. I’ve always spoke about Spiritual self  and one’s soul purpose but not a deeply as I would like, for fear of them not connecting or ready for what I was about to tell them. And moving on to someone else.  But in order for me to fully be in my authentic self when with my clients, I must heal in all the ways I know how. I’ve never been one to mind what people think of me but when it comes to business I have expenses to pay. And not everyone is ready for this spiritual shift. I was conflicted. My soul screamed on thing but my brain said another. My spiritual teacher reminded me that my gifts are part of my purpose and I cannot completely fill it if I’m holding back. So, vulnerable and trusting in the universe and God to guide me, I took the leap. And its been a beautiful journey with my clients. I am a healer. Ah, there I said it. And it feels pretty good to get it out :). Once again following my heart, wins! I am embracing this heightened spiritual paradigm I’m experiencing, and so is my family. I am forever greatful I kept myself and my three light workers awake spiritually because it all took me where I am today and where I will be tomorrow.  It gave me the tools to pass on to my boys so they can beter manage their life’s experience.

Are you struggling with areas in your life where you may feel disconnected from self? Maybe listening to the voices in your head and not the voice of your heart? Try tapping into self through meditation, a solo walk, alone time, etc and see if you can listen to the messages of your heart. And if you need a little help, I’m here to guide you.

LOts of LOve,


Back to the Earth

With so much nutritional information, all the different kinds of diets, what foods are best to eat, which foods to eliminate, it can be quite overwhelming for someone on their journey to health and weight loss. Especially because the data is constantly changing. It can be pretty arrogant to say, “this diet is the best, or this is the correct way to eat.” We are all individuals that require ¬†different nutrients and foods.

By now most of us have received the message that food is medicine. ¬†We know we can heal ourselves or allieviate many symptoms and diseases through a healthier diet and lifestyle. But we can easily get overwhelmed with all this information. So many facts to keep up with. As my mentor and teacher, Marc David once said, ” So many of us are suffering from a High Fact Diet. ¬†Although facts are important, like anything else in life, too much is too much”. ¬†And quite frankly, I see it often. ¬†Do all the nutrition facts effect the way you eat?

If we just keep it simple and go back to Mother Nature we can get the answers we are looking for. I love that we can look to Earth to give our bodies whats necessary for optimum health. It’s like the saying goes, “Sometimes we don’t see whats right in front of us.” Our answer to the growing health issues we face have been here all along. However you believe we evolved on Earth, why would we not have what’s needed to survive?

The Earth has provided us with water and all the food and plants necessary to be healthy. As time went on, man’s ego got in the way. Greed overcame us. We started spraying toxic chemicals on our soil, and soon after, genetically modifying our food and putting toxic additives in just about everything.

When we disrespect the earth, we disrespect our bodies. No wonder our body speeks to us through symptom! If your trying to improve your health through diet, try going back to our roots where food was pure and nourishing. Experiment with it. See how you feel when you eliminate the unnatural from your food.

LOts of LOve


Change The Way You Stress

Stress is the physical expression of the “flight or fight” mechanism in our body. A threatening situation will trigger this response and prepare us to confront or flee the possible danger. There are two types of stress. Acute stress and chronic stress. Acute stress prepares us for the flight or fight response and is generally short term. Chronic stress is long term and is the main cause of stress-related health problems. Examples include, trouble with your job, financial issues, marital problems, issues with kids, caring for a loved one that requires a lot of attention, emotional/ personal issues, etc.

We all know that stress isn’t good for our health. It leads to decreased immune function, heart disease, high blood pressure, emotional issues, loss of sleep, weight gain, lack of energy and digestive issues just to name a few. With the demands today in our society for men and women, stress is on the rise.  Because of this, yoga and meditation, are becoming more popular. Articles flood the news and social media with the benefits of such and this is needed now, more than ever.

We’ve all been taught that stress is bad for us and so many of us are searching for ways to rid the body of chronic stress. But, stress is inevitable. Life happens. You can’t avoid it. But, what if we changed the way we view stress? What if I told you, that if we view stress as a positive, we can physiologically change the way our body responds to stress? If you change the way you view stress, it can actually help you! Emerging science on stress mindsets proves it is possible to change our attitude on stress.

Allow me to give you an example. A study was done by Harvard on two groups of people put in a stressful situation. The first group of people were told that when their bodies are in the stress response, it was a positive thing. Their bodies were being energized to meet this challange. When they felt their heart pounding its a good thing! that means their bodies were preparing them for action. When they felt their breathing increase, thats okay.Their bodies are getting more oxygen!  The second group of people were put through a stressful situation and were told nothing. The group that was told that the stress response that they were about to experience was a good thing, showed less physiological response in the body! The group that was told nothing, and just had the stressful experience showed the normal stress-related physiological response in the body. This is the response that leads to stress – releated health issues.

This study was an “AHA MOMENT” for me. If we can change the way we view ourselves, others, and create a peace inside that reduces stress, through many different techniques, it makes perfect sense to change the way we view how we stress. We can stop stressing about being stressed! Coaches, Counselors, Phycologists, are constantly trying to remove the stress response for their clients and while this is a very healthy thing and can change health drastically, we cannot take the stress away from someone’s life completely. But we CAN CHANGE our mind about stress. We all know that being positive has great benefits to overall health. So I invite you to be more positive about stress.

If you say to yourself the next time you are stressed that this is your body rising to the challange, your body will actually believe you. Your stress response becomes healthier physically and emotionally! In a way, we are embracing stress instead of fighting it. Some ways you can change your mind about stress include: 1) View the body’s response to stress as helpful, not debilitating. 2) View the stress response as a way you can learn and grow from it. 3) View stress in a way that everyone goes through it, and you are not alone. So no matter what life stressors you have, practice embracing it. Change your mind about stress and change your life.

LOts of LOve,



Embrace Uncertainty, It’s Ok!


Naturally, we don’t like uncertainty. Love, health, money, relationships, weight, jobs, death, it’s all uncertain. We are uncertain about everything. And its all OK. Although for most it’s not that easy. Uncertainty is uncomfortable. That level of uncomfortableness can be different form person to person. It’s a place we avoid visiting. Sometimes by creating a plan B or C.  Not knowing the outcome of certain things is stressful. Uncertainty can brings fears.  There isn’t a person that I’ve met that isn’t or hasn’t  been bothered by something they are uncertain about. Myself included. Now, if this relationship we have with uncertainty wasn’t so negative on us physically and emotionally, I wouldn’t be blogging about it. But it is. I’ve grown so much over the last 5 years and have had a positive experience embracing uncertainty. Letting go of a specific outcome or expectation has opened me up in ways I couldn’t imagine. It’s freed up space in my life to live it to it’s fullest. I’ve learned to relax into uncertainty rather than stress about it. I’ll be honest, it’s a practice for me like many other things, but its possible. And you can too.

Carrying the  fears of uncertainty is like having a shadow over you. Unwanted weight bringing you down. It creates the stress response in the body. This decreases digestion, calorie burning, and a physiologically, chemically and cellular wearing down of the weakest links in your body. Chronic low-level stress of uncertainty depletes the human system and leads to unwanted symptoms and behaviors. Especially around food. When we relax into uncertainty, stress releases and health happens! Science tells us that when we are in the relaxed state, the prefrontal cortex of the brain is stimulated and active. Wisdom happens. ūüôā

So I invite you to practice accepting the uncertainties in your life and relax into it. No matter what it is. It’s here whether we like it or not. Will it be a practice? Yes. Will it be uncomfortable? Yes. Will it be worth it? YES! Its part of your beautiful and soulful Journey in this world and the more we fight it and try to control it, the more we will struggle physically, emotionally and spiritually. Just think….If you can control the outcome and be 100% certain about the things you are uncertain of, what will you do with that? What are you going to do with that perfect weight or perfect job or perfect body or perfect health? Will it really matter that much? If we embrace uncertainty and focus more on what we are going to give, what we are going to create, and attract in this world, we embrace our purpose. And that is the ultimate spiritual growth. It can feel a bit risky, but I encourage to take the leap. Don’t worry you won’t fall. You’ll learn, grow and love.

LOts of LOve,


Let Your Soul Guide You…

Your soul being is your Core. ¬†It’s the real you underneath, roles and responsibilities, posessions, job, status and appearance. Our body is just the shell that carries this beautiful existance around, and will often be used as a tool for to communicate your soul’s needs, wants and desires. ¬†It’s inate ability to guide us often times goes unnoticed.

Your working yourself to death to pay for the fancy house, private school, toys, etc, and your soul is telling you to scale down and simplify. Your soul doesnt want to go to church anymore, but you should. Or maybe your are not going to church and your soul is saying you should. ¬†You’ve spent years training for your job, the money is good and its secure, but your soul is telling you to leave. ¬†Any time we dont listen to the body and soul, it only gets louder.

For most people their soul has been guiding them for years and they haven’t been listening. ¬†Because we are so full of judgment, we take our soul’s guidance for granted. When this happens, our bodies can send symptoms like anxiety, depression, digestive issues, etc. So often I hear clients tell me, ” I don’t understand where or why this anxiety or depression is inside me.” “Where is it coming from? I have a good job, a nice house, loving family, I live a good life”. But deep inside there is an unhappiness. ¬†We allow the ego to take over and start to live our life in a way society dictates. ¬†Letting go of ego guides to true self and here we can really tune in to the soul’s guidance.

Listening to the calling of your soul can be a little scary. ¬†So we ignore it. It can guide us completely out of our comfort zone and require an act of great courage. I Remember before I started my own coaching business, how scary and exilerating it was. I kept asking myself, “Will I have enough clients to pay my expenses? ¬†Can I really help them, the way I think I can? What about the kids? With our family dynamic, will I be abe to balance my home, kids and work?” As I sit hear today, writing I can admit, It took a few months to find the balance but I did it. And listening to my soul has been a beautiful and gratifying journey for me.

You see, the soul doesn’t care about certainty, only freedom. This sense of freedom is exhilerating! I have the pleasure of being a stay at home mom to my beatiful boys and run my business part time. Exactly what my soul was calling me to do. ¬†The energy within the body is amplified when your are in your true calling. Your soul energy :).

How do you know where your soul is guiding you? Your soul could be guiding you through, dreams, visions, thoughts, people you run into and “meant to be moments”, billboards, signs, etc. ¬†That moment when something specific catches your attention. Next time this happens to you, tune in. Listen to your soul, hear what it has to say. Pay attention the energy within your body and don’t disregard. Your soul’s calling will not happen over night. ¬†It may take many years, months, many jobs, and many people along the way, but it is the core of your being, and listenting to the messages it brings will take you on a beautiful journey.

LOts of LOve,


My Journey To India


I had the most amazing spiritual experience! I traveled to India to study Yoga and Meditation. I spent my time with others from all around the world who were searching and looking for something deeper within their life and within their yoga practice. I went not searching for anything in particular for myself. I gratefully found contentment and happiness within my soul quite some time ago. My travels to lndia were for nothing other than pure, un-altered wisdom and guidance from a practice that I grew to love. Yoga. I wanted to embrace it, understand and experience yoga on a deeper level. Yoga isn’t just about asanas and breathing. It isn’t just about becoming more flexible, or physically fit. We have Americanized it to such, and I knew I would need to go to the country of origin for what was calling me.

Yoga is a way of life. It’s the journey of life. A journey I had already started and embraced and craved for more; not only for myself, but for my beautiful children and whom ever I     could share it with.

I knew I’d come back from school a bit wiser and more experienced, but nothing prepared me for the life changing insight I received. Going into this experience I understood a little where yoga came from, and I understood myself pretty well. My professional practice is completely aligned with yoga. But when you align your passion and spiritual calling together on a level I can’t even begin to explain, you understand SELF in all its glorious depth. I wont get into detail of my personal experience because, well, thats for me.:) I had been walking around subconsciously knowing the yoga was my path.  We are so caught up in doing rather than being. In action rather than awareness. And when we still the natural restlessness of the body we get to know who we really are. We get to know our oneness with infinite intelligence, power and joy.  This experience, this journey, was a complete validation that the yogic life is my true path.  And I must share this! This beautiful, raw, sacred wisdom.

The word Yoga means “union”: of the individual consiousness or soul with the Universal Consiousness or Spirit. Yoga is a group of spiritual, mental, and physical practices or disciplines. And all of these practices have a specific purpose to guiding you to inner peace, to enlightenment. When you truly embrace yoga for what it was meant to be, its life changing. The journey of a Yogi strips down the walls, the delicate layers, the ego, the expectations, the judgment, physically and emotion body and you are left with pure SELF. And how beautiful it is to just BE.

I am forever grateful I had the pleasure of being embraced by yoga in its truest form, this past month. Being away from my family, and in another country, was definitely out of my comfort zone, but I found complete peace within the philosophy and wisdom of the yogic path. I am so grateful for my teachers who brought the wisdom and the light and embraced each and everyone of us. A wisdom I cannot wait to share with others. It was exhilarating. It was My Journey. It was Me. It was Yoga. I am Yoga.


LOts of LOve,


Holistic Nutrition & Eating Psychology Coach
Yoga and Meditation Teacher ūüėČ

Living on Adrenaline


Just the other day I was visiting someone in the hospital and I drove around for twenty five minutes looking for a parking space. The hospital was packed. The rooms were completely filled. I was overwhelmed with how many sick people there were in my community and this was just one of the two hospitals near me. My heart goes out to each and everyone of them and the universe continues to pull me to make a change.

Holistic Health and Nutrition are far more popular today than ever before. More and more people are turning to nutrition and food to heal their bodies. Yet, we are still facing a crisis in both men and women‚Äôs health. It’s time we get to the bottom of it. It is time to look deeper into the ‚Äúwhy”.

Both men and women today are living a frantic double shift of work day and night. We are working twice as many hours as our ancestors. I’m witnessing this with both my male and female clients. They are overwhelmed with emails, afraid to take vacation for fear of more work when they return, not saying “No” for fear of what people may think. We are living on adrenaline trying to be all things to all people. And its taking a toll on our health. Its affecting our partners, our children, our siblings, and parents.

So why do we do it? Because we care. It comes from a very beautiful place. We deeply care about the ones we love and want to please them. It’s because we have such beautiful hearts. For some, it‚Äôs because a long time ago we made up a story that we were not good enough the way we are. We aren‚Äôt pretty enough, slim enough, tall enough, smart enough, on time enough, etc. We spend our lives trying to please everyone so they never have to feel rejected or unloved. Trying to be all things to all people can have physical, mental and emotional consequences.

But is not just the multiple health consequences of living this way thats concerning. Its that we live our life so out of touch with our beautiful hearts. And, lost in a cloud of false belief that we aren’t enough. Too many people have lost their sense of place in this world. too many people have lost their purpose.

But the return to that sense of place is possible. A return to true presence, to true connection with our bodies and with one another. A place where there is gratitude, a place where there is calm, no anxiety, no migraines, no lack of sleep, no depression. It is time for a positive internal transformation. And that time needs to begin RIGHT NOW.

We have about 50 trillion cells in our body. The way they work is to communicate with each other. And they way they communicate is through nutrients. They get these nutrients through food. And when we live life this fast paced and full of adrenaline we compromise the way we nourish ourselves. ¬†We aren’t getting enough nutrients for these basic biochemical processes to function. This could effect our happiness, stress reduction, ability to sleep or your ability to burn body fat. Thus, leading to weight gain and other health issues.

So what drives us in our fast paced world we created for ourselves? Adrenaline (caffeine), stress and pressure. ¬†If you don’t believe you are enough you will live your life like you don‚Äôt have enough. You will constantly be in pursuit of having and gaining more and more. ¬†True happiness will never be met. By doing this you put your body in a stress response, releasing many chemical reactions that lead to hormone imbalances and symptoms. Often we turn to caffeine, alcohol, and other quick fixes to help. But, this does the opposite. By bringing balance back in to our bodies, we can begin to bring balance into our life, and vise versa.

It’s time to love ourselves first. We’ve all heard that we have to help ourselves before we can be of service to others. It’s true. We need to be present with ourselves to truly be present with the ones we love. ¬†So take a breath, slow down and stop trying to be all things to all people and be present for the ones who matter. Especially YOU.

My mission is to educate and inspire and enhance your health and happiness, and to create a ripple effect that transforms you, your family, your friends and the world.

LOts of LOve,