A little about me…..


Welcome to my Blog!  I’m so excited to share my passion of holistic health and nutrition soulful conversation with you!  I am a healer and have  been helping people with their spiritual journey, nutrition and holistic health for many years.  I have my own practice and I am in-love with my career.  I am blessed to say my work is my purpose. My work combines the powerful new field of Dynamic Eating Psychology and Mind Body Sciences. I am a Yoga & Meditation Teacher and a Reiki Master Teacher and Spiritual Coach.  The skills I use are a combination of spiritual teaching, Energy work, results oriented psychology, clinical nutrition, body centered practices, mediation and a compassionate approach to food and health..

Please join me on the journey to a healthier mind, body and soul.


The more we truly open to life, to truth, to love, to whats real, the more our physiology will benefit.” 

-Marc David


3 thoughts on “A little about me…..

  1. Hello! Where did you study holistic nutrition? You’re very inspiring! I’m trying to get started in the same field! Very interested.


    1. I’ve studied nutrition for years ( self educated, through books, conferences etc, took a course from Hawthorn university) but the icing on the cake was graduating from The institute for the Psychology of Eating! Highly recommend:). Thank you! ❤️


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