A little about me…..


Welcome to my Blog!  I”m so excited to share my passion of holistic health and nutrition soulful conversation with you!  I am a healer and have  been helping people with their spiritual journey, nutrition and holistic health for many years.  I have my own practice and I am in-love with my career.  I am blessed to say my work is my purpose. My work combines the powerful new field of Dynamic Eating Psychology and Mind Body Sciences. I am a Yoga & Meditation Teacher and a Reiki Master Teacher and Spiritual Coach.  The skills I use are a combination of spiritual teaching, Energy work, results oriented psychology, clinical nutrition, body centered practices, mediation and a compassionate approach to food and health..

Please join me on the journey to a healthier mind, body and soul.


The more we truly open to life, to truth, to love, to whats real, the more our physiology will benefit.” 

-Marc David


3 thoughts on “A little about me…..

  1. Hello! Where did you study holistic nutrition? You’re very inspiring! I’m trying to get started in the same field! Very interested.


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