Back to the Earth

With so much nutritional information, all the different kinds of diets, what foods are best to eat, which foods to eliminate, it can be quite overwhelming for someone on their journey to health and weight loss. Especially because the data is constantly changing. It can be pretty arrogant to say, “this diet is the best, or this is the correct way to eat.” We are all individuals that require  different nutrients and foods.

By now most of us have received the message that food is medicine.  We know we can heal ourselves or allieviate many symptoms and diseases through a healthier diet and lifestyle. But we can easily get overwhelmed with all this information. So many facts to keep up with. As my mentor and teacher, Marc David once said, ” So many of us are suffering from a High Fact Diet.  Although facts are important, like anything else in life, too much is too much”.  And quite frankly, I see it often.  Do all the nutrition facts effect the way you eat?

If we just keep it simple and go back to Mother Nature we can get the answers we are looking for. I love that we can look to Earth to give our bodies whats necessary for optimum health. It’s like the saying goes, “Sometimes we don’t see whats right in front of us.” Our answer to the growing health issues we face have been here all along. However you believe we evolved on Earth, why would we not have what’s needed to survive?

The Earth has provided us with water and all the food and plants necessary to be healthy. As time went on, man’s ego got in the way. Greed overcame us. We started spraying toxic chemicals on our soil, and soon after, genetically modifying our food and putting toxic additives in just about everything.

When we disrespect the earth, we disrespect our bodies. No wonder our body speeks to us through symptom! If your trying to improve your health through diet, try going back to our roots where food was pure and nourishing. Experiment with it. See how you feel when you eliminate the unnatural from your food.

LOts of LOve


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