A Shift in My Spiritual Paradigm

I”ve been on quite the spiritual journey the last 18-20 years or so but it wasn’t until the birth of my first-born that I felt a huge shift in my spirituality. To be honest it kind of woke me up :). I innately turned to my self for guidance and followed my heart my whole life, and it’s usually worked out for me.  If it didn’t, I understood that the universe has a plan and funny way of turning some of life’s surprises into gifts. My intuition was pretty good.  But I found myself dropping into a space ( my soul) even deeper after I became a mom. My intuition really heightened. Following my soul, my heart, I was able to heal my children at times where no one else could. I was able to create my spiritual life path for myself and one where I can guide my children.  I started studying everything that fascinated me. Nutrition, Food, Holistic Health, Spirituality, Energy, Psychology. Book after Book I read, absorbing everything that connected with me, like a sponge. Whatever fed my soul. I knew all this was a part of my purpose on this planet to help people heal and I surrendered to my soul taking me on whatever journey I needed to go. Timing is everything.  I manifested many experiences I’ve had, grateful to God and the Universe for always having my back. But I always felt the “pull”( as I like to call it) of my soul telling me there is more work to be done. As I connected to my self deeper, throughout the years, I learned that I have some special gifts. Funny, because my whole life I never really thought of having any gifts or talents. I come from a family filled with amazing talents in the arts and somehow it skipped me. I was just me. And I was happy with that.

No wonder my soul was getting my attention. These gifts, although not newly discovered, but newly recognized as actual gifts, help me connect with people on a soul level to help them heal. But it wasn’t until a beautiful experience over two years ago that I found out I could take these gifts to a whole new level. And there is was. The “pull”, the tug of my soul calling me in yet again. Yep, I reckon I’ll be doing this for the rest of my days. I was guided to my spiritual mentor and teacher who has helped me cross over to a new spiritual paradigm and to soon teach others. I am forever grateful to her and her teachings.

Although I have always been my authentic self, I found myself through the years tip toeing around the spiritual self with my clients. I’ve always spoke about Spiritual self  and one’s soul purpose but not a deeply as I would like, for fear of them not connecting or ready for what I was about to tell them. And moving on to someone else.  But in order for me to fully be in my authentic self when with my clients, I must heal in all the ways I know how. I’ve never been one to mind what people think of me but when it comes to business I have expenses to pay. And not everyone is ready for this spiritual shift. I was conflicted. My soul screamed on thing but my brain said another. My spiritual teacher reminded me that my gifts are part of my purpose and I cannot completely fill it if I’m holding back. So, vulnerable and trusting in the universe and God to guide me, I took the leap. And its been a beautiful journey with my clients. I am a healer. Ah, there I said it. And it feels pretty good to get it out :). Once again following my heart, wins! I am embracing this heightened spiritual paradigm I’m experiencing, and so is my family. I am forever greatful I kept myself and my three light workers awake spiritually because it all took me where I am today and where I will be tomorrow.  It gave me the tools to pass on to my boys so they can beter manage their life’s experience.

Are you struggling with areas in your life where you may feel disconnected from self? Maybe listening to the voices in your head and not the voice of your heart? Try tapping into self through meditation, a solo walk, alone time, etc and see if you can listen to the messages of your heart. And if you need a little help, I’m here to guide you.

LOts of LOve,


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