The Power of Intention

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Just a few days ago I had a Soul Gathering at my studio and the topic I chose to speak about was the power of Intention. My Soul Gatherings are a group of people who come together to heal, spiritualy awaken, learn, grow, connect, and together raise the vibrations amongst each other for healing to take place. I guide them through a meditation, discuss a topic and perform a group healing. It really is a beautiful experience. There is a tremendous amount of power behind intentions.  Especially if you know how to raise the vibration within yourself to manifest your desires. When we become more mindful that there is intention with everything we do, we have the power to make positive changes in our lives.  There is so much to write about the specifics of this topic which is why I had the Soul Gathering, so I’ll give you the quick version .

Imagine intention as not something that you DO, but a force that exists in the universe as an invisible form of energy. Intentions are goals mixed with passion blended with desire and ENERGY! So, when you set intentions you are insuring your desires to become reality. Sounds simple right? So why is it so complicated for some and not so complicated for others? I believe that the POWER behind our intentions has a lot to do with it. There is much more to intention than just words. Vibes speak much louder than words! What is the life force behind the intention like? How do we amplify these intentions and make them more powerful to manifest our dreams and desires? The answer…We CONNECT with our intentions.

You’re probably wondering how you connect with your intentions?  Here is some key principles in increasing the power of your intentions so that manifestation can make an increased presence in your life. I personally use these principles to increase the personal vibration in myself which in turn increases the power of my intentions. I have manifested multiple blessing in my life.  They work!

VISUALIZE your intention. invite the visualizations into your energy field. See yourself doing exactly what it is you want to do. Close your eyes and see what images come to you. And don’t do this one time. Make it an ongoing practice until you receive whatever you are desiring or manifesting. This raises your own vibration :). This one is usually easy for most people.

REFLECT what comes into your life without judgment or opinions of others. Be like a mirror. The power and energy behind intention accepts you exactly as you are without judgment or attachment, so do the same for yourself. Letting go of judgment and opinion of others can be difficult for most. This one may take some time, but not allowing others to lower your vibration will impact your intention greatly. These are your goals, your dreams, not theirs. This does not impact their life in any way.

SEE THE BEAUTY in everything! Science has told us time and time again that when we see beauty it creates a positive physiological response in our brain/body. Being out in the beauty of Nature we feel connected and at peace. Notice the beauty in nature, in people, in the world. Notice something beautiful in every person you meet. every place you go, and experience you have. Accept kindness, love and beauty to be in your life and the vibration within you will rise.

MEDITATE ON APPRECIATION- Appreciate the life force inside of you. You are a spiritual being in a physical body and your soul could be having a non human experience . You are having the BEST experience as a spiritual being by being in a human body! Appreciate the air you are breathing, your heart beating, the energy inside you that allows you to sleep, eat, meditate, dream, create, etc. Appreciating the life force within your own body is the key to increasing the power of intentions. The wisdom of your soul will take over and respond to this, and you will subconsciously start taking the appropriate steps to manifest what you desire.

REMOVE DOUBT – Another hard one. Toss it, crush it, throw it away! Get it out of your mindset. Doubt is the most common reason our intentions don’t manifest. Doubt lowers your vibration and tells the universe and self, your intention can’t happen or should hold off from happening. When doubt is gone, life flourishes. We all use our thoughts to create the life we choose. But, if you doubt your ability to create the life you intend, you are REFUSING the power of intention. This include fear of failure in your intention.

LETTING GO OF EGO – Stop being offended by others and caring what they think. This is your ego telling you the world shouldn’t be the way it is. When we give into this nonsense we can become unappreciative of life. We cannot reach the power of intention by being offended or caring about what others think.  This is the hardest lesson to learn in life. Many people spend years stripping away ego to find inner peace. Think about what intentions you may have created that have not manifested, and ask yourself, was ego involved? Often times this is the case. Doubt, fear, judgments, all come from ego. Think about the foundation of your intention. Does it come from a place of love?

RAISING YOUR VIBRATION – Be specific in your intentions. Be creative! If I told you about the most creative experiences I’ve manifested you would be shocked. At the time of my intention settings, some people would look at me like I’m crazy. I’ve heard, “Ya Lauren, in a perfect world, good luck with that”. My response was alway, “I create my world”.  I have received an abundance from the universe with the power intentions bring, and I have  tremendous respect for this beautiful world. Have fun setting intentions! Come from the heart. Write your intentions down. Written affirmations have an energy all of its own and will guide you in raising your own vibrations. Again, visualize them, think of them often, say them out loud.

We must CONNECT with our intentions because you cannot access and work with the power of intention if you are of low vibration or if you are contemplating the impossibility of being able to intend and manifest. So I invite you to meditate on your next intention, try the above principles and manifest your desires. What you put out into the universe comes back to you.  So the more powerful that energy is, the faster and higher probability of acheiving your goals.

LOts of LOve,


3 thoughts on “The Power of Intention

  1. Absolutely fabulous Lauren, some of this I’m in doing for years but without the total clarity of the complete picture. Love what you have to say will absolutely work on this on a daily basis thank you Lauren


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