A Year In A Glance

2018 was quite eventful for these boys. Filled with faith, wonder and love, the growth the transformations and all the life lessons learned this year were what life’s all about. They each had their own unique journey and embraced it in their own way. I am so proud of the three of them and the amazing year they have had. Through the spectrum of emotions, the laughter, the difficult times, the love, the craziness, the button pushing, the new stages they each go through, they make it all worth while.

Nick, the Leader of the pack, is rockin the 8th grade, despite his aprehension about the STEM academy the beginning of the year, and will be graduating this June. I can’t believe he will be going to High School! Where does the time go? He’s loving his new soccer team this year and Lacrosse is added to his schedule come January. I thought I got lucky because he hadn’t mentioned girls……….. until recently. OMG girls. I’ll admit, I’m so not ready for that.  Wether its school, sports, girls, watching his brothers, this kid can juggle it! But we are most proud of the spiritual journey he’s had in trusting in himself, embracing his gifts, accepting that his intentions and heart are stronger than anything and understanding there is a divine plan for him. Not bad for a 13 1/2 year old. Now if I can just get him to clean his room. 🙂

Logan, oh sweet Logan. This has been the biggest year for him. His spiritual self shifted greatly and although he has quite a bit of journeying ahead of him still,  he’s open, receptive and trusting in himself and embracing his own gifts. He’s also had a growth spurt with soccer and has been getting great feedback from his coaches. If you ask Logan what life’s about, he’ll say,” Family and soccer”. LOL. He’s happiest when he on the pitch and watching him play is so fun. He is also doing great in school and really matured this last year. I can’t believe he goes to middle school next year! Just yesterday I was homeschooling him. He is the biggest jokester of the boys and continues to make us laugh. He keeps us on our toes thats for sure. His 11th year has been heart warming to witness.

Then there’s my baby, Cole. My little old man. I think every conversation he teaches us something new. He continue’s to love learning and anything computer or coding related and still has his head in a book ;). He’s still creative as ever constanly making things for his room. His latest addition is a green screen. He finally found his nitch, I think. He’s been getting music lessons from Papa and is having fun playing the ukulele. He started Karate and is loving it! he’s always been a little ninja so this is a perfect fit for him. He just got his Camo belt and can now defend himself against his older brothers. LOL. School has always come easy for Cole so its all about friends and playing. The way it should be. He moves onto the 6th grade next year. Wow, just wow. We will have 3 kids in three different schools.  This will be interesting.

With the boys activities, work and school I still say, ” If I had a nickel for everytime I pulled in and out of the driveway, I’d be a very rich women”. 🙂 But, its all worth it, right? Another year of three crazy loving boys and I wouldn’t change it for the world. They are growing like weeds, and eating like crazy. I really should have bought stock in Costco with as much money as I spend there! When I asked the boys to sum up their year in a phrase, they simultaneously said, “FORTNITE FRIDAYS!” Yup, they’re nuts!

One thought on “A Year In A Glance

  1. Great year for you and them..Happy for Jeff and his advancement at work. Your on your way to success in business and have terrific support..very proud of you honey…


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