Feeling Stuck

It’s a cozy rainy day. The fire place was on, my rituals had been done, all my candles lit and the house was saged. The perfect ambiance for solitude and work. I began to meditate on the Soul Gathering I was giving in a couple days. This particular one was for a small private group. Before my Soul Gatherings I intuitively feel into the individuals and ask for guidance on what the group of individuals need to help them awaken and where the energies be directed for the individual or collective healing. Generally there is a theme of some sort in which I can create a teaching and a meditation around for that evening. Usually, this is not a difficult process for me. Except, this time.

Rewind back to January 2021, just a few months ago. Let’s just say there were very big shifts for me spiritually. I had been going through many downloads and upgrades. Energy was flowing. I could feel my expansion more and more to accommodate the healings for my clients and students. I felt completely in alignment and days before had a magical experience of energies that humbled me and dropped me to my knees in gratitude. So I was struggling with why I couldn’t tune into the energies of the group of individuals for this Soul Gathering. I felt stuck. I wasn’t sure how I could be feeling stuck. I had been flowing through my work so effortlessly and with all new perceptions and growth. I began to get restless the longer I tried. Ideas and information was coming but it was scattered. And I didn’t feel like it was for this particular group at this particular time. I took a break and made a cup of tea. I listened to some music and drank it. I wrestled with my pen and paper. Scribbles here, scribbles there. Nothing. “C’mon Lauren, I thought. “You don”t have to write the entire event just get the idea”. So I sit, begin to breathe and quiet my mind. I slowly bring my attention and energy back into the group and away form my thoughts. And then I hear, ” Maybe they are stuck too”. And there it was. That feeling in my heart that says, “Yes, it is so”. Oh, how divine! As if it wasn’t staring me right in the face this whole time. The theme is Feeling Stuck! So I picked up my pen and began this journal entry. What better way to start an energy flow then writing.

Rewind back several days ago, I mentioned I was going through an energetic shift in my body. At this particular time I was integrating those energies. With integration comes a pause, a rest period and sometimes it can leave us feeling stuck. As I write this I become aware and no longer feel stuck. The awareness I am reminded of, is in reality, we aren’t really stuck. It is our perception and only our perception that we are stuck. And when we perceive or picture something, it must be there. When we aren’t moving forward the way our ego wants us to be, we feel stuck. We can shift our perception of “being stuck” or having a block, as some would like to call it, and perceive it as it is. A positive place for transformation in your souls evolution and life’s path. Imagine this as a doorway that leads to a vast space. A space to explore and play and search for feelings, decisions, to integrate, to pause, to be, to heal. This space is recording all of your personal growth. BE in this space. Honor it. Listen to it. You know that saying “there is light at the end of the tunnel”? That is this space! The tunnel that we need to courageously walk down and explore along the way the nuggets of wisdom of our true selves as we get closer to the light. Feeling stuck isn’t a block in your journey. It is part of the Journey! It is necessary. The more we understand this, the more we can be in the space and experience the lessons necessary to flow again. Just embodying the idea of manifesting our blocks/feelings of being stuck as being a doorway will allow you to flow through your healing experiences with gentleness and ease and progress. You are exactly where you are supposed to be. And that PLACE is YOUR PERCEPTION of YOUR SPACE in time.

LOts of LOve,


Let Your Soul Guide You…

Your soul being is your Core.  It’s the real you underneath, roles and responsibilities, posessions, job, status and appearance. Our body is just the shell that carries this beautiful existance around, and will often be used as a tool for to communicate your soul’s needs, wants and desires.  It’s inate ability to guide us often times goes unnoticed.

Your working yourself to death to pay for the fancy house, private school, toys, etc, and your soul is telling you to scale down and simplify. Your soul doesn’t want to go to church anymore, but you should. Or maybe your are not going to church and your soul is saying you should.  You’ve spent years training for your job, the money is good and its secure, but your soul is telling you to leave.  Any time we don’t listen to the body and soul, it only gets louder.

For most people their soul has been guiding them for years and they haven’t been listening.  Because we are so full of judgment, we take our soul’s guidance for granted. When this happens, our bodies can send symptoms like anxiety, depression, digestive issues, etc. So often I hear clients tell me, ” I don’t understand where or why this anxiety or depression is inside me.” “Where is it coming from? I have a good job, a nice house, loving family, I live a good life”. But deep inside there is an unhappiness.  We allow the ego to take over and start to live our life in a way society dictates.  Letting go of ego guides to true self and here we can really tune in to the soul’s guidance.

Listening to the calling of your soul can be a little scary.  So we ignore it. It can guide us completely out of our comfort zone and require an act of great courage. I Remember before I started my own coaching business, how scary and exilerating it was. I kept asking myself, “Will I have enough clients to pay my expenses?  Can I really help them, the way I think I can? What about the kids? With our family dynamic, will I be abe to balance my home, kids and work?” As I sit hear today, writing I can admit, It took a few months to find the balance but I did it. And listening to my soul has been a beautiful and gratifying journey for me.

You see, the soul doesn’t care about certainty, only freedom. This sense of freedom is exhilerating! I have the pleasure of being a stay at home mom to my beatiful boys and run my business part time. Exactly what my soul was calling me to do.  The energy within the body is amplified when your are in your true calling. Your soul energy :).

How do you know where your soul is guiding you? Your soul could be guiding you through, dreams, visions, thoughts, people you run into and “meant to be moments”, billboards, signs, etc.  That moment when something specific catches your attention. Next time this happens to you, tune in. Listen to your soul, hear what it has to say. Pay attention the energy within your body and don’t disregard. Your soul’s calling will not happen over night.  It may take many years, months, many jobs, and many people along the way, but it is the core of your being, and listenting to the messages it brings will take you on a beautiful journey.

LOts of LOve,