Discovering your Truth

When someone decides to step foot on their spiritual path, it is this condition that they are searching for. Though each spiritual condition is a long and windy road, they lead us to these mini destinations and aha moments where the unfoldings of out truth occurs. As we walk further on our spiritual path, discovering and healing the soul, we are taken to another level in our spiritual development. Embodying the truth of who you are is the first step and is the phase that most people are exploring. So how does one embody and discover their truth?

Bring in a little more self love and allow yourself to identify with the love you were made with and made of. Self love is needed to begin the unfoldings of the journey of self discovery. You can’t discover the true essence of who you are unless you love yourself enough to do so. You are worthy. Your purpose was given to you because you are worthy. Embodying this is the first step. Believe in your heart that you can discover your essence. You don’t need to leave your life to discover self. In fact your life and all your experiences are part of your divine plan to help you on your journey. Take these experiences with love and gratitide for getting you to exactly where you are right now. Love yourself because you got through them. You are stronger for them.

Embodying our truth takes time. It’s a beautiful long road with ups and downs and transformation within the heart.  When we embody our truth we begin to activate the first layer of spiritual DNA within us. When this layer is activated within us we are driven to our purpose. We drop into our hearts with alignment and love for our journey. We open ourselves to experiences that take us to deeper level, a higher conciousness.

Our Spiritual DNA mirrors our souls akashic records and information. Because its made of energy we have the ability to transform and transmute unwanted and no longer needed belief systems or truths for a healthier life. Deep within your DNA is your truth and the rest of the layers takes you to your pure essence. As we heal those layers we openly unfold our own miracles to this world. We understand our life in relation to the rest of the world and our connection to GOD/Source.

LOts of LOve