Power of the Heart




With mercury in retrograde it’s brought so much to the surface for healing.  I’ve had so many messages from clients and friends asking for help and guidance. I’ve been a busy girl!  And with summer and my boys out of school, I haven’t had much time to write. But today while meditating, I realized I had to share this beautiful reminder for those who are  going through periods of emotional chaos. The universe is bringing up experiences we thought we already healed or we pushed away for a later time, like now. Funny how it does that sometimes. Well, not funny actually. Not when it’s painful, frustrating, hurtful, or sad. All emotions that are code for healing needs to take place. Growth needs to happen. We need to honor all of these feelings and begin to heal. We cannot stay stuck in chaos any longer.  So, the question is,  Where do you start? 

You start with your heart. Connect with your heart and be honest about what is showing up for you. Your heart is your your light, and there lies all the answers. There lies the souls connection, their lies your POWER.  Your will-power, your drive, confidence, may come from the chakra in your solar plexus but your REAL POWER comes from your HEART. When you connect with your hearts energy you increase your hearts power. We have to learn to trust the power we all have in our hearts. In order to be a powerful light being we have to embody our power and believe with all our faith its ours to use to brighten the world and for our own self healing, discovery and growth. So what is this power in our hearts?

Its CHOICE. We can choose to have faith that there is a force much bigger than we are. We can choose there is a divine plan for us. We can choose positive over negative. We can choose how we respond. We can choose how we show up in life. We can choose our beliefs. We can choose our battles. We can choose LOVE. We can choose to change. We can choose to step foot on our spiritual path. Our power comes from choices and our choices come from our beliefs. Beliefs about one’s self, and beliefs about the world.

It’s FAITH. It’s choosing faith. It’s having faith that you are exactly where you need to be and doing exactly what you should be doing. It’s having faith that you can make different choices, you can heal, and you can change. We are more powerful than we give ourselves credit. When we embody that power and when we understand it, we experience our hearts power and transform into the vibration of Love we all came here to be.  I say this from experience. Over the last few years I’ve embodied and still am embodying my hearts power and I have had the pleasure of witnessing some pretty radical healing. I am grateful for stepping into my power and guiding my clients and students to do the same. once you understand the power you were born with you can use it to heal yourself, and better your life. Take a look at your choices, among them, choose patience. Take a look at your faith and increase it! Watch what happens.  😉

LOts of LOve,