My Son’s Journey

In the summer heading into 6th grade, my eleven year old son was complaining off and on of stomach aches. He was a healthy active boy living in a very holistic home. As a Holistic Nutritionist, Mind Body Coach, Yoga & Meditation Teacher, I used the protocols I do with my clients.  We tried food elimination because I thought maybe he had another food allergy and started healing his gut ( Out of the blue, he became sensitive to lactose and gluten). With everything I did, I couldn’t pin point what would be causing his discomfort. It didn’t affect his sleep, his eating habits or digestive function. All were normal. Emotionally he was stable, had a great social life, loved playing soccer, did very well in school, independent and responsible. He had no pressure on him to perform at a certain level. And no stressors in his life. But, as time went on, no matter what I tried, the stomach aches didn’t subside but now came daily. He described it as a dull ache but not bothersome enough to keep him from his daily activities. He wasn’t an anxious kid but my heart told me that this needed to be healed quickly or we are heading down a rocky road. I could see this easily turning into anxiety in the future. He was getting frustrated with these stomach aches and anxious at times when he was going out with friends because he didn’t want to get a stomach ache and let it take away from his fun. According to him he always got them around others and not at home. Home is where he feels his best.

He was always a sweet sensitive soul.  He would often ask, “Mom, what is my body trying to tell me”? At the time I wasn’t sure, but I was determined to heal my son. I introduced my boys to meditation around this time and used my studies abroad to guide them through nightly meditations. All of my boys are now loving this and doing it daily. After after about 4 months of doing meditations ( while healing the gut with food), his stomach aches became less frequent. He also was no longer sensitive to gluten. I knew I was on to something!  My intuition told me my son was not dealing with any real food allergies, anxiety, or any other physical health issues.

Then one day after, my own daily meditation, it hit me. He is empathic. How could I  have looked passed this?  He has always been so so sensitive.  He was taking in other people’s energy and it was stuck in his solar plexus (stomach). We soon discovered he was indeed picking up on energy around him and physically taking it in. Being an Empath means that he has the ability to feel a person’s energy. He can physically feel your sadness, your joy, your anxiety, frustrations, everything. Unfortunately, that means he can take in negative energy. What he wasn’t able to do was filter the energy he received from the world. We discovered during my guided meditations with him he was able to move negative energy through him which is why the stomach aches subsided a bit.  That’s when I realized his recent food allergies were not real food allergies! When we have trouble filtering the world we get in our heads. we start over thinking, analyzing etc. When we do this, blood flow goes toward the brain and very little to the stomach. So, because of lack of blood flow to the stomach, we can have trouble digesting certain foods like dairy (lactose) and gluten.  I immediately began healing to help him filter the world and feel a bit more grounded.

I’ve always been one to put as many tools in my box as possible, especially when it comes to my children, so I took my son to see a fellow spiritual healer of mine who since then has become my spiritual mentor. Words cannot describe the beauty that took place that day. I discovered my son was not only empathic like I knew but much more gifted. I sat next to my son as he opened himself up to her sharing stories and experiences. Some I knew about but lots, I didn’t.  His clairvoyance was amazing. I saw a blossoming spiritual side to his empathetic, amazing little soul. The gifts that he had when it came to feeling others and the gifts to do things that most people can’t do were unbelievable. I won’t get into detail about the conversation as that is our experience. I was in awe that he was so open and connected to his gifts already. He didn’t realize his gifts because he thought they were normal. His self-awareness is beautiful. Most adults I know aren’t this aware. This conversation and experience was deep and I kept repeating in my head, Wow, he totally gets it!” He left her studio much clearer due to her energy clearing,  happy and feeling much more confident in healing his stomach aches.

Concerned about how all this digested with him, I asked him what he thought of his conversation on the drive home. His reply, ” Basically I have super powers and we have some work to do”. I can’t begin to describe the beauty of our experience. It was profound. Breathtaking. It took everything I had not to cry and get him to soccer practice.

After just one month of energetic and spiritual healing done completely by himself, ( I guided some mediation) his stomach aches were gone, his food allergies were gone and he is much more grounded. Not to mention much more spiritually open and awake to his gifts that continue to grow! Being an empath is not easy but with the right tools you can feel the peace you are meant to feel and protect yourself. He does have moments where he cant help but feel someone elses story and it makes him uncomfortable. 90 percent of the time he can move this through him, but sometimes he has trouble and I need to help him. We have an amazing mentor he can visit when new experiences arise and when he needs guidance. He amazes me daily. He still continues to do his rituals, clear his energy field and meditate to keep from any physical symptoms. What amazes me most about my son is that he was at peace and fully understood at 12 years old, he is an empath, with special gifts and that he has a purpose in this world. He has embraced that we are spiritual beings in a physical body and although it takes some work, when we drop into the present we can heal anything. He is here like all empaths, to bring his positive loving energy to help make the world a better place. My son’s story is very personal to us and we never thought about sharing it to protect him. A lot of people wouldn’t understand and at this age friends could tease and word can spread. It really didn’t make any sense to share it. We spoke about sharing it some day to help others but not anyway in the near future. So why am I now?

He asked me to.  He approached me recently and said, “Mom I think its time to share our story. My heart tells me it can help other people like me.  Its time.” He is a little nervous this may get to some younger kids who don’t understand, so we set strong intentions for this story to reach those who need it. He’s a brave soul isn’t he?

I’ve been on a beautiful spiritual journey for the past 20 years now and it seemed back  It was when my first son, the one I speak of, was born that I felt an even bigger shift in my spirituality. And now, many years later in the studio of our spiritual mentor I realized on a deep soul level that he chose me. My son with everything he was experiencing was so calm, no fear, no confusion, just physical discomfort from everyone’s energy. There is no coincidence of my spiritual shift with him. I was meant to be his Mother. Everything I had practiced, studied, believed in, learned, experienced had prepared me for this day. To keep my children awake and open, to keep myself awake and open and aware to the beauty of our souls and our purpose and how we are collectively here to help humanity.

What if wasn’t spiritually aligned ? What if I was that parent who isn’t aware of the spiritual self and ran to the doctor requesting tests, only to discover they can’t find the solution to his stomach aches.  My professional guess ( and what I see in my studio frequently) would be they diagnose him with anxiety and prescribe some medication. He would be forever stuck believing he was an anxious person who needed medication to help him.  Another teenager to add to the increasing and alarming rate of anxiety patients. And long-term use of the medication has its own side effects. His Gifts? What gifts? He’d close up and they would lessen over time.. This is why we are sharing his story now. Maybe this is similar to your story or someone you know.

On our drive home that breath-taking day, thoughts of how many other children and adults are in the same boat? How many are empaths or even energetically sensitive and don’t even know it? How much of the depression, the anxiety and other symptoms are not even theirs to begin with? I’m not saying that all who struggle with health symptoms are empaths or even energetically sensitive. I couldn’t get it out of my mind. And my fired-up little self was once again guided to not only help my son and his brothers,( who at this current time have discovered they are just like him) but others. My son’s experience catapulted me into an amazing spiritual healing journey so I can help others like him. He brought me into my gifts even further helping me discover my deeper truth.

Years later, I am now a Spiritual Teacher helping others in the spiritual and energetic body on a deeper level than I currently was. I now sit with parents and their children helping them the same way my son and I sat with My spiritual mentor. Its been amazing and I continue to grow as a teacher, learning everyday and trusting my heart as always.  Thank you Universe. Thank you God. Thank you Son.

4 thoughts on “My Son’s Journey

    1. Hi. There are many ways.. lots of characteristic traits but the most obvious are physical symptoms, stomach issues, tired, headaches, not being comfortable in crowded places, extremely sensitive, clairvoyant. Most are empathetic towards others, always wanting to help people feel better. Trouble sleeping or waking in the night.


  1. Reading his story gave me full body chills 3 different times and the second time the tears started flowing. I had not read this before we met. I just read it now.. your son is amazing for sharing his story. I can not wait for my son to meet with you!


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